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GW: 1.5 Gm 

DW: 0 Ct 

Circle Shape Earring

  • Some guidelines for caring for your piece 

    • Avoid prolonged exposure to UV light (do not store the jewelry in direct sunlight and avoid wearing it if you will be exposed to UV light for a lengthy period - like a day at the beach). 

    Avoid exposure to water and moisture (please remove your jewelry when washing hands with soap, showering, swimming, dishwashing, etc. Your gem is made from water-resistant material and your inclusions are safe inside but excess exposure to moisture may cause the gem to loosen from its setting). 

    • Avoid exposure to high heat. 

    • Avoid chemicals (remove jewelry when using lotions or creams, soap, shampoo, perfume. These may dull or roughen the surface of your gem). 

    • Avoid materials that could stain (heavily dyed clothing that can bleed color, facial make up, spices or foods, tinted lotion, markers and similar items can stain the stone). 

    • Clean your jewellery carefully. 

    • Keep your gem safe (check your gems and settings regularly prior to wear). 

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